Métodos de Avaliação

The course's grade is obtained by an average of the grades of the lab, with a weight of 50%, and of the exam, also with a weight of 50%. The grades of both the lab and the exam must be at least 9.5.

The laboratory is composed by 6 problems, occupying 2 sessions each. In the end of the last sessions of each lab, the students must deliver the lab manual filled in with the answers to the problems.

The exam has a duration of three hours. The students may take a sheet of paper, of A4 size, with contents of their choice. Only non-alphanumeric calculators are allowed.

The students may use, in the current semester, the lab grades from the previous year (but not from earlier years). Students who wish to use the previous year's lab grades shouldn't register for the lab in the current semester. Otherwise their previous grades will automatically be disregarded.