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30 Abril 2015, 14:34 - Sandra Rodrigues Jose Martins

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - Advanced Program on Plasma Science and Engineering - APPLAuSE 2015

Applications for the Doctoral Program APPLAuSE will be open until Tuesday June 07, 17h00 GMT

APPLAuSE is a doctoral program on plasma science and engineering, which is now on its second edition. It consists in a student-centered and highly modular program designed to enhance each student’s capabilities and maximize his/her potential.

The hosting institution is IPFN, a research unit of Instituto Superior Técnico, and the degree is awarded by the University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Four-year fellowships are available, supported by the FCT PhD Programs initiative.

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CFTP SEMINAR: "Z3 dark matter and goldstone bosons"

2 Junho 2014, 11:29 - Sandra Rodrigues Jose Martins

Orador/Speaker: Nicolás Bernal

Instituição/Institution: ICTP - SAIFR, São Paulo, Brasil

Mais informação/More information: Cláudia Romão, DF (+351) 218 419 142

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