List of research projects for short time internships (2 -3 months) and for M.Sc. dissertations (5-6 months)

CPE1 - Project Design of a Pilot Plant for Wood Liquefaction

MSMC1 - Molecular Modelling and Simulation of novel Ionic Liquids

CPE2 - Biogas and Landfill gas upgrading by adsorption processes

MSMC2 - Development of nanohybrids designed for devices with application in energy and health

MSMC3 - Adductomics: towards the minimization of chemically-induced toxic events and development of diagnosis/prognosis tools

CPE4 - Thermochemical Conversions of Biomass

MSMC4 - Materials chemistry for solar cells

CPE5 - Feedstock Recycling of Plastic Waste

MSMC5 - Enhancement of the biological properties of camphor complexes (Cu, Ag, Au) through structural redesign

CPE6 - Hydrogen purification using designed poly(ionic liquid) membranes

MSMC6 - Evaluation of multifunctional anti-neurodegenerative compounds

CPE7 - Biomass Processing and Conversion by a Green Chemistry approach

MSMC8 - Development of Green Solvents

CPE9 - Nickel catalysts for the production of hyperbranched homo- and copolymers of ethylene

MSMC9 - Synthesis of new materials with thermally activateddelayed fluorescence for applications in high efficiency OLEDS

MSMC10 - Valorization of biomass by eco-friendly mechanical treatment

CPE11 - Copper-catalysed conversion of aryl boronic acids

MSMC11 - Photophysical characterization of nanomaterials with long-lived emission

CPE12 - Scale-down systems for particle separation with 3D printed cyclones

MSMC14 - Multifunctional Bilayer Molecular Metals

MSMC16 - Hydrogen production using three-dimensional nanostructured electrodes

MSMC17 - Ionic liquids additives for oxygen evolution in alkaline water electrolysis

MSMC18 - Development of low-cost electrocatalysts for borohydride fuel cells

MSMC22 - Crystal engineering triggering synergetic antimicrobial effects

MSMC23 - Preparation of bioactive metal complexes by Mechanochemistry

MSMC24 - Vanadium complexes with non-innocent ligands as catalysts for oxidation of water and alcohols


  • Chemical and Process Engineering (CPE)
  • Molecular Systems and Materials Chemistry (MSMC)