Mobility for Internships

List of Research Projects for Internships and for Final Projects or M.Sc. Dissertations

To apply for mobility internships (simple internships or MSc thesis) or mobility studies (MSc thesis), please choose 3 possible Internship or M.Sc. Dissertation research projects from the Lists below, then order them by preference, and send their reference numbers (and corresponding names), along with the CV, the Transcripts of Records (BSc and MSc), and desired period of the internship, to Prof. Carlos Henriques ( in order to know about availability / enrolment:



1) The IST does not provide funding to the incoming interns/students.
2) However, the candidates can apply to the existing mobility programmes. For instance, the students belonging to European universities can apply to their universities for grants of the Erasmus+ for Traineeships Programme or the Erasmus+ for Studies Programme. For the Erasmus+ - Traineeships, the IST supervisors will support the selected candidate by filling in the corresponding "Learning Agreement for Traineeships" form where the work programme has to be briefly described. For the Erasmus+ - Studies, in the case of a MSc thesis, the student has to enrol at the IST in the subject  "Master Dissertation in Chemical Engineering" or "Master Dissertation in Chemistry" (30 ECTS). This will be specified  in the corresponding "Learning Agreement for Studies".
3) In case a student is selected, he/she will have to present the corresponding signed "Learning Agreement" or a supporting letter from his/her department/university in order to be accepted.
4) Please, take into account that the IST is closed during the first two weeks of August and that, normally, research activities will be re-started at the beginning of September.