List of research projects for M.Sc. dissertations only (5-6 months)

CPE3 - Kinetic study of CO2 methanation reaction over Ni/zeolite catalysts

MSMC7 - Development of multifunctional anti-neurodegenerative compounds

CPE8 - Sustainable use of natural geological and waste resources as sintering resistant CaO-based sorbents for Calcium looping CO2 capture

CPE10 - Modelling and Simulation of a bioproduct process to be included in a biomass-waste based Biorefinery

MSMC12 - Surface strengthened glass-ceramics

CPE13 - Photocatalytic production of fuels

MSMC13 - Azamacrocycle derivatives for antimicrobial applications

MSMC15 - Gilded Graphene dots: a new versatile material

MSMC19 - Redesigning olefin metathesis catalysts: a heterogeneous approach

MSMC20 - Formaldehyde-Scavenging Nanoparticles for High Performance Resins

MSMC21 - New Water Soluble Staining Agents for Bioimaging


  • Chemical and Process Engineering (CPE)
  • Molecular Systems and Materials Chemistry (MSMC)