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Seminário no DEM - 4a feira dia 13 às 16h

12 Setembro 2017, 17:18 - Jorge Manuel Fontes Coelho

Title: Scaling, intermittency and non-gaussianity in turbulence - a symmetry approach

Prof. Martin Oberlack (Technische Universität Darmstadt )

Abstract: During the last 20 years the lecturer and his co-workers have developed a (Lie) symmetry based turbulence theory. One of the key results were the fact, that all three fundamental statistical equations of turbulence, as there are the multi-point moment equations, the Lundren-Monin-Novikov hierarchy of multi-point pdf and the Hopf functional approach admit a set of symmetries which go beyond the classical Galilean group of the original Navier-Stokes equations. These new statistical symmetries mirror important properties such as intermittency and non-gaussianity. In turn, the entire set of symmetries were used to derive new turbulent scaling laws such as for free and wall-bounded shear flows. Most important, the theory also gave the form of the scaling laws for higher moments.