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Carga Horária

1º Semestre

2.0 h/semana

138.0 h/semestre


Familiarization with the different topics to be addressed in the TME program. Awareness about the main issues related with the management of product development and manufacturing op-erations Understanding of the need to combine excellence in both management and technology


Overview of the TME program, enhancing two factors for the enterprise development: the importance of tech-nology and technologic innovation and of its economic environment. History of Engineering and Management Management and Engineering Paradigms Engineering Science &/versus Engineering Systems Fundamental Domains of Engineering and Management Design as Synthesis Cases in Engineering-Based Decision-making Failures and Successes New products prospective in six areas where progress is expected: Energy, Transportation, Communica-tions, Life and Health, Materials and Transformation Processes. Prospects & Considerations Going Forward

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