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Workshop - Speakers from MIT

14 Outubro 2015, 17:53 - Lucília Abreu

American Corner IST & FCT-UNL and HackerSchool are organizing a workshop with Mobile Experience Lab from MIT, "Innovative Mobile Apps for Tourism".This is going to be a design driven workshop, focusing on researching, design and prototyping mobile applications for smart tourism." We have 24 openings for students from engineering, management and tourism.

Where: IST - Alameda;

When: 22nd October - 24 October, 9h-20h.

Speakers: Joshua Choi; Suruchi Dumpawar e Hala Khoursheed (From MIT)

How to apply: Send your CV and a cover letter indicating the motivation in attending that course to referring your experience in:

- user interface design and user experience;

- big data;

- other workshops or projects previously frequented on this field.

Applications will end on october 16th