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Sirius Programme Session

12 Março 2014, 12:08 - Lucília Abreu

Do you have a bright business idea? Make it happen in the UK!

The Sirius Programme: Turning bright business ideas into a reality. We are looking for bright, talented people from all over the world! Do you have a promising idea that you can turn into a successful business? The Sirius Programme offers you a place on one of the world's best business accelerator programmes and also provides a £12,000 financial contribution.

Is your ambition to start up your own firm in a global business hub like the UK? You will also receive additional support to gain clients, funding, mentoring and logistical help with relocating to the UK, including visa sponsorship. Take advantage of the massive potential the UK environment offers for startups and the support to help your business grow and flourish.

If you believe the UK is where you can create a successful future, join us on the 27 March in IST! Register Now.

You can also apply for the opportunity to have a 10 min one-to-one session with a Sirius Scout should you have an idea/project that you are already considering to implement in the UK.

Find out more about the Sirius Programme here: or in Youtube