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Prova de Tópicos de Investigação

10 Outubro 2017, 17:00 - Fátima Sampaio

Candidate: Ana Karina Caldeira Caraban N.º 85613/D

Title: Subliminal in the wild: Shifting from the thoughtful to the mindless to promote behavior change 

Date: 11/10/2017 

Time: 12h00 

Location: Madeira Interactive Technology Institute, #8 

Advisor: Professor Pedro Campos

Abstract: Despite the initial premise of behavior change tools, recent work has questioned their efficacy over the long term. Many of these technologies to a large extend rely on an "one size fits all" strategy - reflection - to foster behavior change. However, individuals’ capacity to change their behaviors depends on a multitude of contextual and personal factors, such as their motivation, their ability for self-regulation or their momentary emotions. In this paper, we explore how subtle influences falling outside awareness can instinctively bias judgments and behaviors, without relying on people’s will to engage with the process. We present an in the wild study where 12 participants were exposed to subliminal cues to encourage water consumption while they browsed on the web. Our results demonstrate that subliminal priming can induce preference and changes on behaviors once the incentive is facilitated by positive affect. This study leaves a contribution through the identification of a practical application of affective priming in the field of behavior change as well as research possibilities related to this.