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Prova de Tópicos de Investigação

8 Fevereiro 2018, 18:36 - Maria de Lurdes Piado Farrusco

Candidate: José Miguel Santos Ribeiro Nº 90937/D

Title:  Data Mining in passive Wi-Fi data - An application to BeanStalk dataset

Date: 09/02/2018

Time: 11h00

Location: Sala 6.11, Torre Norte, Alameda

Advisor: Professor Nuno Jardim Nunes 

Abstract: Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries fundamentally arising from mobility as a form of capital. This ever-growing economy has the potential to be analyzed in the way that the visitors use the infrastructures available and the locations at their disposal. This paper presents the exploration of BeanStalk - a low-cost Wi-Fi based platform deployed in Madeira islands, that makes it possible to track people - with the known techniques of frequent itemsets, sequential patterns, and association rule mining, to sense and visualize not only which groups of attractions are more visited, but also to derive probabilities of visiting an attraction knowing the ones already visited before, and what implications it has in urban planning and event scheduling. The results present the data analysis, statistics and derived rules for the different seasons of the year, highlighting how they differ over time, and between the devices that are classified in the dataset as locals and visitors.