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MathWorks seminar

8 Abril 2015, 16:38 - Lucília Abreu

MathWorks will give a seminar on MATLAB & Simulink at IST, on April 10, 8:30-11:30, room PA2 (Pavilhão de Pós-Graduação) - Campus Alameda.

The seminar, entitled “Tips and Tricks for MATLAB and Simulink,” includes talks about the latest developments of MATLAB & Simulink, advanced programming techniques, and interfacing MATLAB & Simulink with low-cost hardware platforms such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. One of the talks will be given by Gareth Thomas, an IST alumnus and World Wide Academic Marketing Manager of MathWorks. The seminar is free and open to the IST community. Registration is required due to the limited number of seats:

This seminar is organized jointly by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DEEC) and by the Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR).

For more information, please contact or refer to the poster for this event: