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Apresentação do Prof. Augusto Esteves sobre Motion Matching: A New Interaction Paradigm for the IoT

26 Fevereiro 2018, 12:54 - Luís Revez

Esta quarta-feira no DEI às Quartas vamos ter a apresentação do Prof. Augusto Esteves sobre: Motion Matching: A New Interaction Paradigm for the IoT.

Abstract Motion matching is a novel interaction technique designed for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) that is device-independent, scalable, and consistent. Unlike traditional interfaces where targets are static (to facilitate pointing), motion matching interfaces display targets that move continuously in a specific trajectory - with users selecting a target by simply tracking that target’s movement in real-time. This seminar will introduce different case studies of the technique, covering varied IoT domains such as wearables, smart rooms, smart TVs, and even augmented-reality.

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