Prova de Dissertação MEIC-A

27 Novembro 2018, 09:19 - Elisabete Maria Santos Madeira Ribeiro da Fonseca

Semana de 26 a 30 de novembro de 2018


Candidato: Paulo Alexandre Alves (53891)

Título da Dissertação: Cross-Lingual Argumentation Mining

Data: 30 de Novembro de 2018


Local: Sala 0.20, Pavilhão de Informática II - IST – Alameda

Orientação: Prof. Bruno Emanuel Da Graça Martins / Dr. Jorge Miguel Won


Prova de CAT de Ana Karina Caraban

21 Novembro 2018, 15:38 - Fátima Sampaio

Exploring Cognitive Biases for the Design of Persuasive Technologies  

Date: 26/11/2018 Time: 15h30
Location: Sala 0.17, Pavilhão Informática II, IST, Alameda

Candidate: Ana Karina Caldeira Caraban N.º 85613
Advisors: Prof. Daniel Jorge Viegas Gonçalves / Prof. Pedro Filipe Pereira Campos / Prof. Evangelos Karapanos 

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Prova de Dissertação METI

19 Novembro 2018, 11:07 - Elisabete Maria Santos Madeira Ribeiro da Fonseca

Semana de 19 a 23 de novembro de 2018


Candidato: Pedro Miguel Martins Madeira (70528)

Título da Dissertação: Dealing with DNS Amplification Attacks using Response Rate Limiting

Data: 19 de Novembro de 2018


Local: Sala de formação 1.38 - IST - TagusPark

Orientação:  Prof. Miguel Nuno Dias Alves Pupo Correia/Dr. Assis Guerreiro


Prova de Doutoramento

16 Novembro 2018, 11:34 - Fátima Sampaio

Candidate: Shady Alaaeldin Mohamed Abdelkader Rabie Issa Nº 80054

Title: Techniques for Enhancing the Efficiency of Transactional Memory Systems

Date: 23/11/2018

Time: 14:00

Location: Sala EDAM (Piso 0, Pavilhão de Mecânica II) do IST, Alameda

Advisors: Prof. Paolo Romano / Prof. Vladimir Vlassov

Abstract: Transactional Memory (TM) is an emerging programming paradigm that drastically simplifies the development of concurrent applications by relieving programmers from a major source of complexity: how to ensure correct, yet efficient, synchronization of concurrent accesses to shared memory. Despite the large body of research devoted to this area, existing TM systems still suffer from severe limitations that hamper both their performance and energy efficiency.This dissertation tackles the problem of how to build efficient implementations of the TM abstraction by introducing innovative techniques that address three crucial limitations of existing TM systems by: (i) extending the effective capacity of Hardware TM (HTM) implementations; (ii) reducing the synchronization overheads in Hybrid TM (HyTM) systems; (iii) enhancing the efficiency of TM applications via energy-aware contention management schemes.The first contribution of this dissertation, named POWER8-TM (P8TM), addresses what is arguably one of the most compelling limitations of existing HTM implementations: the inability to process transactions whose footprint exceeds the capacity of the processor’s cache. By leveraging, in an innovative way, two hardware features provided by IBM POWER8 processors, namely Rollback-only Transactions and Suspend/Resume, P8TM can achieve up to 7× performance gains in workloads that stress the capacity limitations of HTM.The second contribution is DMP-TM (Dynamic Memory Partitioning-TM), a novel Hybrid TM (HyTM) that offloads the cost of detecting conflicts between HTM and Software TM (STM) to off-the-shelf operating system memory protection mechanisms. DMP-TM’s design is agnostic to the STM algorithm and has the key advantage of allowing for integrating, in an efficient way, highly scalable STM implementations that would, otherwise, demand expensive instrumentation of the HTM path. This allows DMP-TM to achieve up to 20× speedups compared to state of the art HyTM solutions in uncontended workloads.The third contribution, Green-CM, is an energy-aware Contention Manager (CM) that has two main innovative aspects: (i) a novel asymmetric design, which combines different back-off policies in order to take advantage of Dynamic Frequency and Voltage Scaling (DVFS) hardware capabilities, available in most modern processors; (ii) an energy efficient implementation of a fundamental building block for many CM implementations, namely, the mechanism used to back-off threads for a predefined amount of time. Thanks to its innovative design, Green-CM can reduce the Energy Delay Product by up to 2.35× with respect to state of the art CMs.All the techniques proposed in this dissertation share an important common feature that is essential to preserve the ease of use of the TM abstraction: the reliance on on-line self-tuning mechanisms that ensure robust performance even in presence of heterogeneous workloads, without requiring prior knowledge of the target workloads or architecture.

Prova de Dissertação MISE

12 Novembro 2018, 12:35 - Elisabete Maria Santos Madeira Ribeiro da Fonseca

Semana de 12 a 9 de novembro de 2018


Candidato: António Marcos Loureiro Lopes (84991)

Título da Dissertação: Avaliação da maturidade da gestão de informação de arquivo nos municípios Portugueses

Data: 14 de Novembro de 2018


Local: Sala 0.17, Pavilhão de Informática II - IST - Alameda

Orientação:  Prof. Prof. José Luís Brinquete Borbinha


Candidato: Hugo Figueiredo Caramelo Santos Martins (73893)

Título da Dissertação: Exploring Permissioned Blockchains for Decentralizing Access Control

Data: 16 de Novembro de 2018


Local: Sala 0.20, Pavilhão de Informática II IST - Alameda

Orientação:  Prof. Sérgio Luís Proença Duarte Guerreiro