Cerimónia de Entrega dos Diplomas de Excelência Académica

19 Abril 2018, 16:15 - Luís Revez

A Cerimónia de Entrega dos Diplomas de Excelência Académica, que se realizou no dia 17 de abril, no Salão Nobre, onde os alunos de LEIC-A receberam a distinção no Quadro de Mérito Académico 2016/17

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Atividades de programação para jovens aos sábados.

19 Abril 2018, 10:08 - Luís Revez

O Departamento de Engenharia Informática do Técnico e o NEIIST promovem atividades de programação para jovens aos sábados. A próxima será já no dia 28 de Abril e destina-se a crianças entre os 10 e os 12 anos. Inscrevam-se até ao dia 24 de Abril.

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Festival COGITO 2018

16 Abril 2018, 10:16 - Luís Revez

O Prof. Arlindo Oliveira é um dos oradores do Festival COGITO 2018 que se realiza no dia 21 de Abril no Taguspark.

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A opinião do Prof. Arlindo Oliveira sobre as redes sociais e a sua influência na democracia.

9 Abril 2018, 11:37 - Luís Revez

A opinião do Prof. Arlindo Oliveira sobre as redes sociais e a sua influência na democracia no jornal Público.

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DEI às Quartas | Talk by Catia Prandi, M-ITI

9 Abril 2018, 10:12 - Luís Revez

TITLE: Crowdsourcing, participatory sensing and social sensing in ubiquitous infrastructures: How to engage users in collecting data and making sense to large volumes of data

ABSTRACT: In this talk I will present some case studies where crowdsourcing, participatory sensing and social sensing was applied to ubiquitous infrastructures to investigate how to gather data regarding relevant issues (such as urban accessibility and environmental sustainability). In presenting this research, I will focus on how the systems have been designed and evaluated using HCI methodologies and I will point to strategies for involving users, such us gamification/gameful experiences, in collecting data with the aim of making sense of large volume of data to benefit the different communities.

BIO: Catia Prandi obtained the PhD in Computer Science in May 2016 at the University of Bologna, with the thesis titled “Participatory crowdsourcing and crowdsensing in urban environment”. Since 2017 she is working as post-doc researcher at ARDITI in the H2020 CiViTAS DESTINATIONS project, and as post-doc fellow at M-ITI. At the University of Bologna, she was Adjunct Professor for two courses, one in the bachelor’s degree program and the other one in the master’s degree program in Computer Science. She was a visiting researcher at M-ITI (Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute), Madeira, Portugal in 2014 and at the Kmi (Knowledge Media Institute), Milton Keynes, UK, in 2015. She has been involved in different national and international projects, related to various topics, as e-learning, accessibility, inclusion, gamification/gameful experiences, user’s experience and HCI. Her current research interests are mostly related to HCI and urban data science, and, in particular on how to explore pervasive sensing systems and ubiquitous infrastructures, social sensing and crowdsourcing, to gather data about the environment and how to visualize these data for informing communities about relevant topics, such as sustainability, accessibility, and inclusion.

Date: April 11 13:30pm

Location: Room 0.19 (Informática II building)