Tutoriais QRS2018

3 Julho 2018, 10:47 - Luís Revez

A 18th IEEE Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security vai realizar-se na semana 16-20 Julho em Lisboa, no Instituto Superior Técnico.


IT Governance in the Board Room

2 Julho 2018, 16:25 - Luís Revez

Abstract: Disruptive new technologies are increasing and have an important influence on the business we are doing. Previously, the board could delegate, ignore or avoid it, but that is no longer the case. Yet, it seems that 80% of boards of directors are still looking away. Digital transformation seems to be "the elephant in the boardroom". In this session, we will address that boards need to extend their governance accountability, from often a mono-focus on finance and legal as proxy to corporate governance, to include technology and provide digital leadership and organizational capabilities to ensure that the enterprise’s IT sustains and extends the enterprise’s strategies and objectives.

Local: Anfiteatro AM, Pavilhão de Mecânica II

Horário: 18h00

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Annual meeting of Portuguese researchers, Ciência 2018!

29 Junho 2018, 10:20 - Luís Revez

Join us in the latest edition of the annual meeting of Portuguese researchers, Ciência 2018!

Between July 2nd and 4th at the Lisbon Congress Center, Portugueses Research Labs and their ultimate findings will be at your disposal. And ours too! INESC-ID researchers Isabel Trancoso, Mário Silva, Susana Vinga, Pedro Carvalho and João Pedro Barreto will present their work along the event.

Don´t miss this opportunity!

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Provas de Agregação em Engenharia Informática e de Computadores

22 Junho 2018, 12:39 - Fátima Sampaio

Candidato: Doutor Miguel Leitão Bignolas Mira da Silva

Relatório da Unidade Curricular: IT Govemance

Seminário: Using Models for Implementing IT Govemance Practices

Local da Prova: Anfiteatro PA-3 (Piso -1, Pavilhão de Matemática) IST, Alameda

Data: 16/07/2018 e 17/07/2018

Hora: 14h30

Introdução à Computação Gráfica

11 Junho 2018, 09:20 - Luís Revez

O livro Introdução à Computação Gráfica, de autoria de 4 professores de Informática no Técnico, acaba de ser publicado.

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