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Novo Livro sobre Finanças

24 Setembro 2008, 13:36 - Ana Sofia Mascarenhas Proença Parente da Costa

Date of Publication: 2008-09-01 This volume brings together a variety of issues, methods and market instruments that should prove useful for topics courses, finance and asset management practice, and also foster future research. This collection of contributions is a selected subset of those presented at the XLI Meeting of the EURO Working Group on Financial Modelling, Lisbon, November 2007, and has a rich manifold of applied, theoretical and methodological work: • Banking, empirical assessment of efficiency and relationship banking; • Corporate Governance; • Market Microstructure: liquidity; price limits; volatility; • Risk: sovereign debt rating; volatility-volume around takeover announcements; • Multicriteria approach and portfolio selection; • Modified Tempered Stable Distribution and GARCH modelling. In sum, this contributed volume, joining many authors from academia and practice on finance, offers a multiplicity of issues and methodology that broadens the knowledge and skills in finance matters and raises research questions for further development. João Oliveira Soares is Associate Professor of Economics and Finance at I.S.T. - Technical University of Lisbon. He holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management and the Habilitation in Management. His publications include books in Finance and Banking, and articles in journals like the European Journal of Finance, European Journal of Operational Research, Computers and Industrial Engineering, The Engineering Economist, European Research Studies, and Frontiers in Finance and Economics