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Prémio InovPortugal 2012

5 Junho 2013, 14:23 - João Pedro Castilho Pereira Santos Gomes

A Prof. Ana Fred e os alunos do PDEEC Hugo Silva e André Lourenço venceram a edição de 2012 do concurso InovPortugal, com a proposta “VITALIDI: Identificação não intrusiva com sinais electro-cardiográficos”. A iniciativa premia ideias inovadoras com grande potencial de comercialização e internacionalização.

Resumo (em inglês): Conventional biometric recognition systems require the user to put the finger on a reader (e.g. fingerprint), to speak to a microphone (e.g. voice), or to look at a camera (e.g. face or iris). They can’t detect whether the person is alive, can be affected by lighting conditions or noise, and can be deceived using artificial replicas such as photos, gummy fingers, among others. Electrocardiographic (ECG) signals overcome some of these shortcomings, but measuring them at the chest with several probes, using conductive paste or gel, is cumbersome. The patented technology of VITALIDI allows the ECG to be continuously acquired in a non-intrusive way at the hand palms or fingers using dry electrodes, conductive textiles and other materials, enabling the system to be integrated into virtually any everyday object with which the person interacts with (e.g. game station controller, steering wheel of a car, gym machine, laptop, mobile phone, etc.).