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Prémio IBM

8 Junho 2011, 08:43 - Alexandre José Malheiro Bernardino

Mariana Almeida, doutorada em EEC sob orientação do Prof. Luís Borges de Almeida, foi distinguida com menção honrosa no âmbito do Prémio IBM.

"Blind deblurring of images" 

The work proposes a new blind deblurring method. In contrast with
existing methods, this approach only makes weak assumptions on the
blurring filter, being applicable to a wide range of deblurring
degradations. The method can be applied to gray-scale and color
images, to single-frame and multi-frame scenarios, and can be extended
to images composed of two layers that were differently blurred.
Comprehensive experiments show that the method achieves
state-of-the-art performance in both synthetic degradation and actual