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MIPS-Based Application-Specific Architectural Extensions and Cores (April 30)

22 Abril 2008, 15:37 - Pedro Flores Correia

On Wednesday, April 30, Radhika Thekkath, Business and Strategic Planning Director, MIPS Technologies, will give a talk on "MIPS-Based Application-Specific Architectural Extensions and Cores". Anfiteatro do Complexo Interdisciplinar, IST, 10:00am.

Since the rebirth of MIPS as an embedded processor company, architectural work has focused on addressing the embedded and consumer markets. Processor cores based on the MIPS architecture have been used extensively in applications such as game consoles, home entertainment, home and enterprise connectivity, mobile devices, etc. To address the needs of such markets, there have been many architectural innovations. This talk will discuss some of these innovations and also provide some details on the processor core implementations that have been developed to address the embedded market.