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3ª edição do ciclo de palestras por Jovens Doutorados (DEEC-JD3) – 2ª palestra

5 Fevereiro 2020, 12:56 - Duarte de Mesquita e Sousa

No âmbito da 3ª edição do Ciclo de Palestras por Jovens Doutorados (DEEC-JD3), irá realizar-se no próximo dia 12 de fevereiro de 2020, às 12:30, no anfiteatro EA2, a 2ª palestra do ciclo.

Title: Unlocking MRI’s full potential: a numerical perspective.

Speaker: Jorge Fernández Villena, Staff Computational Science Engineer at Q Bio Inc.

Abstract: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is becoming the dominant imaging modality for soft tissues due to its non-ionizing nature, versatility, high quality and fine resolution. With the advent of a recent wave of healthcare-oriented and precision medicine industry, where imaging is meant to be transformed into information science, MRI is gaining even a more prominent role. Almost 50 years after its inception, MRI has been subjected to waves of research activity, with focus on different aspects of the technology: pulse sequences, magnets and gradients, coil design and parallelism, sparsity, and, most recent, continuous acquisition and the application of artificial intelligence. However, most of the recent advances use approximations or assume ideal conditions, casting non-ideal effects as artifacts, and overlooking the fact that the underlying cause of these artifacts is usually due to incomplete models, in which some physical effects are neglected. Enhancing the numerical models and the capabilities of multi-physics MRI simulation is paramount to unlocking the full potential of this imaging modality, from improving the hardware design, to removing artifacts and even allowing new imaging modalities. In this talk, an overview of this missing cornerstone will be presented, taking on MRI from a modeling and simulation perspective, covering some recent advances that aim at producing more comprehensive models and faster simulations of the underlying multi-physics phenomena, the research opportunities that come with them as well as their inherent challenges.