Management Bodies 2021-2022

Head of Department Prof. José Santos-Victor

Executive Committee
Vice-Head Teaching and Professional TrainingProf. Nuno Horta
Vice-Head R&D and External RelationsProf. Paulo André
Vogal Finances, Staff, and SpacesProf. Maria Paula Queluz
Vogal FacultyProf. Nuno Roma
Vogal Image and CommunicationProf. Sónia Pinto

Scientific Areas´ Coordinators
ComputersProf. Luís Miguel Silveira
ElectronicsProf. Marcelino Bicho dos Santos
EnergyProf. Luís Marcelino Ferreira
Systems, Decision and ControlProf. Paulo Jorge Oliveira
TelecommunicationsProf. Carlos Cardoso Fernandes

Course Coordinators and Responsible for the DEEC services

Responsible for the information resources and LTIProf. Pedro Filipe Zeferino Tomás
DEEC Representative at TagusParkProf. João Paulo Baptista de Carvalho

Post-Graduation Programme CoordinatorProf. João Miranda Lemos
MEEC CoordinatorProf. Pedro Lima
LETI CoordinatorProf. Rui Jorge Morais Tomaz Valadas
MEE CoordinatorProf. Paulo Flores
LEE CoordinatorProf. Pedro Girão
DEEC Mobility CoordinatorProf. Maria José Resende
DEEC Tutoring Programme CoordinatorProf. Pedro Quintas Aguiar

MEAER Adjunt CoordinatorProf. Fernando Alves da Silva
DEAER Adjunt CoordinatorProf. João Miranda Lemos
MECD CoordinationProf. Mário Teles Figueiredo
MEBIOM CoordinationProf. Maria Margarida Campos da Silveira
MEGE CoordinationProf. Duarte M. Sousa