The Bioengineering Department is located within the Alameda Campus (Lisbon, Portugal) of Instituto Superior Técnico. A more detailed description of the location of the Alameda Campus which includes a set of common directions and public transportation facilities can be found here.

Within the Alameda Campus, the Bioengineering Department is situated at the ground floor of the South Tower. This tower is one of the two easily identifiable tower structures that look like an elevated dark glass parallelepiped. The South Tower will be at your left if you position yourself at the middle of the two and look at the central building with "Instituto Superior Técnico" written above its staircased entrance (see top photo which depicts the South Tower at the left).

The GPS coordinates of the South Tower entrance are:

Decimal Degrees
   Latitude - N 38.735986
   Longitude - W 09.138793
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
   Latitude - N 38º44'10''
   Longitude - W 9º8'20''

( Google Maps)