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PhD Thesis 2022

22 fevereiro 2022, 15:15 - Maria da Conceição Gonçalves Venâncio

PhD Thesis in Bioengineering of Carlos Eduardo Baião Nogueira Maia Dias
Title: “Evaluation of the biomechanical repercussion ofdifferent surgical techniques and materials on the tendon-bone interface in a rotator cuff mechanical model”
Supervisors: Jorge Manuel Alves Draper Mineiro, João Orlando Marques Gameiro Folgado and Frederico Castelo Alves Ferreira

20th June, 10 a.m.

PhD Thesis in Biomedical Engineering of Inês Raquel da Silva Iria
Title: "Microfluidic biosensor for antibody therapy management"
Supervisors: João Pedro Estrela Rodrigues Conde and João Manuel Braz Gonçalves
18th May, 10 a.m.

PhD Thesis in Biotechnology and Biosciences
Title: "Assessing the coding potential of Vibrionaceae spp. and the validity of green methodologies to modulate microbiome assembly in fish larviculture"
Supervisor: Rodrigo da Silva Costa
2nd May, 2:30 p.m.

PhD Thesis in Bioengineering of Mariana Batista Santos
Title: "Elucidating mechanisms of damage-induced stem cell
activation in the adult Drosophila brain"
Supervisors: Christa Rhiner Moreno and Maria Margarida Fonseca Rodrigues Diogo
27th April, 10 a.m.

PhD Thesis in Bioengineering of Catarina Gonçalves Fonseca
Title: "Unveiling new regulators of flow-dependent endothelial cell polarization"
25th February, 2 p.m.