Sistemas Biomédicos e Biossinais


Biomedical Systems and Biosignals is an area with a broad scope, covering a very long list of topics. Roughly subdividing we can say that Biomedical Systems encompasses all hardware implementations and physical interaction with biological beings while Biosignals relate to the signal processing associated with interpretation, representation and modelling of biological functional systems, both with a medical and engineering emphasys, actually bridging the two. Further reasoning along these lines of thought leads to a non-exhaustive topic subdivision as follows

Biomedical Systems


Bioinstrumentation Medical Imaging
Biosensors & Bioactuactors Biometrics
Medical & Implantable Devices Neural Engineering
Bionics Modelling of Biological Systems
Bioelectromagnetism Biostatistics


Academic staff

Senior Researchers

Agostinho Rosa
Artificial Life; Evolutionary Algorithms; Swarm Intelligence; Sleep Analysis; Neuro Feedback; Image Processing; Automatic Classification; BioInformatics; Parallel Clusters; Colective Computing; Cractocera olease; Aedes aegypti
João Raposo Sanches Bayesian Image Reconstruction in
Ultrasound functional MRI Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy
Raul Carneiro Martins Electromagnetic Contact-less Physiologic Characterization Magnetic Induction Tomography Capacitive Biopotential Measurements Medical Devices (embedded systems) Sensors & Actuators Body Area Networks
Patrícia Figueiredo

Quantitative functional neuroimaging using BOLD - ASL fMRI
Non-invasive brain perfusion imaging using ASL MRI;
Dynamic neuroimaging by simultaneous EEG-fMRI in epilepsy;
Modelling and estimation of brain haemodynamics and connectivity;
Clinical applications of fMRI and perfusion imaging using ASL.

Research centers

Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR-Lx)
Telecommunications Institute (IT-Lx)