Sistemas Biomédicos e Biossinais


This area has a broad scope, covering a very long list of topics. While the subarea of Biomedical Systems encompasses all hardware implementations and physical interaction with biological entities, the subarea of Biosignals relates to the signal processing associated with interpretation, representation and modelling of biological functional systems, both with a medical and engineering emphasis. The Biomedical Systems and Biosignals scientific area at DBE is particularly involved in the subareas of bioinstrumentation, bioelectro- magnetism, medical imaging, modeling of biological systems and biosignal processing, and focuses its teaching activities in the undergraduate and graduate formation in Biomedical Engineering, although it also offers courses to the other degrees in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. An initiative in neural engineering is being considered by the DBE. Students, at all levels, do have the opportunity to actively participate in research training in the groups of Biomedical Imaging and Biosignals Processing and the Bioinstrumentation group, at the Associated Laboratories Institute of Systems and Robotics (ISR) and Institute of Telecommu- nications (IT), respectively.