Engenharia Biomolecular e de Bioprocessos


The area of Biomolecular and Bioprocess Engineeringaims at the development of biological processes to obtain value-added products with potential applications in key areas such as the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and fine chemicals as well as in biofuels production and processing effluent and pollution control. This area covers the Biological Technologies, including Biocatalysis, Fermentation, Biological Reactors, Process Separation and Purification of Biomolecules, Monitoring and Control of Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering. One of the areas of greatest impact is the production, purification and stabilization of proteins / enzymes and the "design" of improved bioconversion processes of substrates and waste to obtain compounds with high added value.


Academic staff

Senior Researchers


Raquel Aires BarrosBioprocess Engineering
Production and Purification of antibodies
Magnetically-enhanced separations of biopharmaceuticals
Cell separation
Microfluidic devices for bioseparations
Duarte Miguel PrazeresNucleic Acid Bioengineering
Downstream Processing (Plasmid DNA purification)DNA Vaccines (Structural studies, Product and Process development)Nanobiotechnology
DNA, protein and cell chipsThin film transistors, MEMS, photodetectors
Luís Pina da FonsecaBiocatalysis and Biotransformation
Bioprocess Engineering and Integration
Biosensors and BioChips
Manuela Regalo da FonsecaIndustrial biotechnology;
Multiphase bioreactors;
Biotransformations; Aqueous-organic systems;
Structured lipids; Immobilized lipases;
Bioplastics; PHAs; Bioremediation.
Helena Maria PinheiroBiological treatment of industrial wastewaters
Biodegradation of recalcitrant pollutants
Waste effluent quality monitoring with UV-visible-NIR spectroscopy
José Cardoso MenezesProcess Analytical Technology Tools and Quality by Design
Whole Process/Product Design and Analysis
Systems Engineering Applied to BioManufacturing
Pharmaceutical Engineering
José Leonardo dos SantosDownstream Processing (protein and plasmid DNA separation and purification)
Membrane processes (ultra and microfiltration)
Process integration and simulation
M. Ângela TaipaBiomolecular Engineering
Biomimetics: Combinatorial approaches; molecular recognition; synthetic mimic affinity ligands for identification, separation and stabilization of biomolecules (eg. enzymes, immunoglobulins, DNA)
Nanobiotechnology: Bio-inspired affinity nanoparticles for antibody recognition
Marília Velez MateusMembrane Processes for Bioseparation and Purification (nucleic acids and proteins)
Membrane Surface Modification
Membrane Bioreactors
Susete Martins DiasEcological engineering: Constructed Wetlands, agro and chemical industrial effluents, phytoremediation of contaminated soils and treatment of industrial effluents
Clean products and processes development.


Ana Margarida AzevedoDownstream processing of biopharmaceuticals
Development of novel purification processes
Cell culture technology
Process integration
Carla Rocha de CarvalhoBacterial adaptation; Biofilms; Bioreactor, micro-reactor and bioprocess engineering;
High throughput systems; Whole cell biotransformation; Biocatalysis; Bioremediation
Fluorescence microscopy; Image analysis
Pedro Barros FernandesProcess intensification by miniaturization
Applied biocatalysis
Immobilization of enzymes and microbial cells

Research centers

Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences(IBB)
Centre for Biological and Chemical Engineering(CEBQ)