MMAC 2021/2022

2nd Cycle [2nd Cycle - Master Degree (MSc)]

Specialization Areas

Specialization in Mathematics

Scientific Area

Algebra and Topology

Groups, Rings and ModulesSem. 1Cred. 9.0 Pedro Resende
Introduction to Coding TheorySem. 1Cred. 6.0 Pedro Martins Rodrigues
Galois Theory and Commutative AlgebraSem. 2Cred. 9.0 Emílio Franco
Algebraic TopologySem. 2Cred. 9.0 Michael Paluch
Real and Functional Analysis

Complex AnalysisSem. 1Cred. 6.0 João Paulo Teixeira
Real AnalysisSem. 1Cred. 9.0 Catarina Carvalho
Functional AnalysisSem. 2Cred. 6.0 Helena Mascarenhas, Lina Oliveira
Mathematics for Machine LearningSem. 2Cred. 6.0 Ana Moura, Pedro Santos, Rosário Oliveira
Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

Ordinary Differential EquationsSem. 1Cred. 9.0 Maria João Borges
Geometric MechanicsSem. 1Cred. 6.0---
Partial Differential EquationsSem. 2Cred. 9.0 Hugo Tavares
Dynamical Systems TheorySem. 2Cred. 6.0 Luís Barreira
Mathematical Physics

Renormalization GroupSem. 1Cred. 6.0 Gabriel Lopes Cardoso
Mathematical Quantum MechanicsSem. 1Cred. 6.0 Ricardo Sciappa
Algebraic and Geometric Methods in Engineering and PhysicsSem. 1Cred. 6.0 John Huerta

Differential Geometry of Curves and SurfacesSem. 1Cred. 6.0 Leonardo Macarini
Riemann Surfaces and Algebraic CurvesSem. 1Cred. 9.0 Leonardo Macarini
Riemannian GeometrySem. 2Cred. 6.0 Pedro Girão
Specialization in Applied and Industrial Mathematics

Scientific Area of Applied and Numerical Analysis

Numerical AnalysisSem. 1Cred. 6.0
Farid Bozorgnia
Numerical Functional Analysis and OptimizationSem. 1Cred. 6.0 Juha Videman
Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential EquationsSem. 1Cred. 6.0 tutorial
Mathematical Modelling and ApplicationsSem. 1Cred. 9.0 Pedro Lima
Mathematical Models in BiomedicineSem. 1Cred. 6.0Erida Gjini
Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential EquationsSem. 2Cred. 9.0 Farid Bozorgnia
Numerical Optimal ControlSem. 2Cred. 9.0 ---
Computational Methods in FinanceSem. 2Cred. 6.0
João Janela
Specialization in Logic and Computation

Scientific Area of Logic and Computation

Introduction to Quantum Information and ComputationSem. 1Cred. 6.0 Yasser Omar
Introduction to Learning TheorySem. 2Cred. 6.0 José Félix Costa
Mandatory courses

Computability and ComplexitySem. 1Cred. 6.0 José Félix Costa
Foundations of Logic and Theory of ComputationSem. 1Cred. 9.0 João Rasga
Logic and Model CheckingSem. 1Cred. 9.0 Paulo Mateus, Jaime Ramos
Cryptography and Security ProtocolsSem. 2Cred. 6.0 Paulo Mateus
Specialization in Probability and Statistics

Scientific Area of Probability and Statistics

Linear Model AnalysisSem. 1Cred. 6.0 Conceição Amado
Multivariate AnalysisSem. 1Cred. 6.0 Rosário Oliveira
Biomedical StatisticsSem. 1Cred. 9.0 ---
Computational StatisticsSem. 1Cred. 6.0 Paulo Soares
Mathematical StatisticsSem. 1Cred. 9.0 Paulo Soares
Introduction to Mathematical FinanceSem. 1Cred. 6.0 Cláudia Nunes
Statistical Methods in Data MiningSem. 1Cred. 6.0 Conceição Amado
Probability TheorySem. 1Cred. 9.0 Manuel Morais
BiostatisticsSem. 2Cred. 6.0 Rosário Oliveira
Applied Bayesian StatisticsSem. 2Cred. 9.0 ---
Reliability and Quality ControlSem. 2Cred. 9.0 ---
Introduction to Stochastic ProcessesSem. 2Cred. 6.0 Ana Ferreira
Time Series AnalysisSem. 2Cred. 9.0 Manuel Scotto