2015 Annual Meeting

22 Maio 2015, 17:35 Maria João Correia Colunas Pereira

2015 Annual Meeting Program

                                       28th May

09:00   Welcome Session (Room 4.41 Civil Building )


09:30   Global Stochastic Seismic Inversion for Early Stages of Exploration  - Rui Miguel Francisco

09:45    Acoustic Inversion of Under sampled Reservoirs: Algarve case study  -  Andre Pereira

10:00   Importance of Good Quality Seismic Data for Reservoir Characterization.

             The Role of Seismic Processing - Astrid Torres


10:15   Coffee Break


10:45   Multi-scalegeostatisticalhistorymatchinguncertaintyquantification - Catarina Marques

11:00   Pazflor Production Reallocation - Data reconciliation and validation - Yolanda Tati

11:15   Production Optimization of High CO2 Concentration Oil Reservoirs. - Fabusuyi Tosin


12:00   Lunch Break


14:30   Afternoon Session (Room 4.41 Civil Building )


14:30   Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow in Fractured Petroleum Reservoirs  - Carla S. Freitas Perestrelo

14:50   An eXtended Finite Element Method (XFEM) approach to hydraulic fractures:

             Implementation to Modelling - Miguel Medinas

15:10   The impact of low salinity on oil recovery on a carbonate reservoir - Diana Silva

15:30   Software Tool Development for Rigid Pipeline Design - Nuno Salsa

15:50   Closed Loop Optimization of Oil Reservoir Production - João Brito


16:10   Closing Session


16:20   Coffee Break