Assessing the Economics of offshore Reneweable Energies and the Portuguese Supply Chain EVALUATED

This paper presents the status of Portugal and deployment possibilities in offshore renewable energies. The purpose of this study is to realize the first approach in Portugal to obtain the future costs of commercial offshore renewable farm and to estimate its impact on the national supply chain. This study is also making it possible to identify the barriers, drivers and opportunities with the financial side included and how the Roadmap should be created and improved for the close future. Through this paper the value chain of offshore renewable farms is obtained with a detailed characterization for Portugal. The cost of all the sub-items was obtained in order to get the cost break-down of two offshore renewable energy farm with 100 MW of power capacity. Value chain analysis of offshore renewable farms is obtained through the input-output matrix model and the distribution of total costs of the offshore farms. The input-output matrix model assisted to assess the project value chain and national industry value chain of offshore farms. The two value chain analyses are highlighted different perspectives which are obtaining the value chain of each phase and obtaining the value chain of each sector. In the end, the results can provide which sector has already sufficient or needs to develop at first.
Offshore renewable energy, cost, break-down, value chain, macroeconomics, WindFloat

Novembro 17, 2011, 13:30

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António José Nunes de Almeida Sarmento

Departamento de Engenharia Mecânica (DEM)

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