Technology Mapping for Industry 4.0. A systematic review of Industry 4.0 literature. EVALUATED

Manufacturing companies are increasingly relying on digital technologies to automatize processes. The use of these technologies has been named under the term of Industry 4.0. But what exactly is Industry 4.0? The concept has been defined by multiple forms but lacks of an explicit definition. The implementation of these technologies, which are changing the way we work, is leading to the automation of production lines in companies. This can increase the risk of technological unemployment but, at the same time, it can also bring new job opportunities. Policymakers will play an important role trying to minimize the impact of technological change in unemployment. This research aims to identify which technologies are used in Industry 4.0 and define how do they are related to each other. To do so, a technology mapping has been developed by detecting links between technologies through a systematic literature review based on a defined methodology. Moreover, this study will be useful for posterior research in how Industry 4.0 will impact employment and which policies should be implemented. I have always been interested in new technologies and new strategies to optimize and improve production systems such as Industry 4.0, so this was one of the main motivations to work in this subject.
Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Digital Manufacturing, Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things.

Setembro 24, 2018, 14:0


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Joana Serra da Luz Mendonça

Departamento de Engenharia e Gestão (DEG)