Electronics Engineering Project (PEE)

Public Sessions, Taguspark, Room 1.38


July 12th

09:00     Development and Implementation of a dsPIC Based Battery Monitoring System for State-of-Charge Determination

Student: Pedro Miranda Rito Ferreira Carmelo

Supervisors: Pedro Ramos, Fernando Janeiro

Examination Committee: Pedro Girão, João Torres, Pedro Ramos, Fernando Janeiro (TBC)

10:15     Design and implementation of a plug-in power metering device

Student: Carlos de Almeida Santos de Castro e Abreu

Supervisors: Pedro Ramos

Examination Committee: Pedro Girão, Sónia Pinto, Pedro Ramos

11:30     Digital Frequency Synthesizers for Wireless Sensor Networks

Student: João Pedro Da Conceição Jardim

Supervisors: João Vaz, José Teixeira de Sousa

Examination Committee: Pedro Ramos, Jorge Fernandes, João Vaz, José Teixeira de Sousa (TBC)