MEE - Master in Electronic Engineering - Study Plan 2021/22

The MEE course has a duration of 4 semesters (8 terms). It includes mandatory classes, optional classes, soft-skills classes, extra-curricular activities and a dissertation, which includes a one semester Project class (6 ECTS) and the Dissertation itself (30 ECTS).

See Legend and Notes at the bottom of the page.
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 1st YEAR 
 1st Semester 
 Programmable Electronic SystemsEmbedded Systems 
 Electronic Integrated SystemsSensors and Actuators 
 MEE Crosscutting Skills IMEE Crosscutting Skills II 
 2nd Semester 
 Digital Signal Processing SystemsMEE Elective 
 MEE / MINOR / FREE Elective MEE / MINOR / FREE Elective  
 Extracurricular Activities IExtracurricular Activities II 
 Selection for MEE Electives 1st Year 2nd Sem. 
 Multimedia Communication (T3)Power Electronics (T4) 
 Sensor Networks (T3)Computational Intelligence for the Internet of Things (T4) 
 Optical Networks (T3)  
 2nd YEAR 
 1st Semester 
 MEE ElectiveMEE Elective 
 MEE / MINOR / FREE Elective MEE / MINOR / FREE Elective  
 2nd Cycle Integrated Project in Electronics Engineering 
 Selection for MEE Electives 2nd Year 1st Sem. 
 Foundations of Information Systems (T1)Design Test and Reliability of Electronic Systems (T2) 
 Applied Optoelectronics (T1)Microwave Electronics (T2) 
 Mobile Communications Networks (T1)Electronic Systems of Computers (T2) 
 2nd Semester 
 Master Dissertation in Electronic Engineering 
 Plan Legend 
 Core Subjects (UCs)
MEE Required
All academic years
MEE Elective - All academic years
(jointly with METI classes)
 MEE Elective - Only on odd/even academic years
2021/22, 2023/24, ...
MEE Elective - Only on even/odd academic years
2022/23, 2024/25, ...
 MEE Elective
Select one MEE Elective subject on the corresponding semester, considering the term and academic year that subjects are offered.
 MEE / MINOR / FREE Elective
Select one MEE Elective subject, considering the term they are offered, or select one subject from a coherent set of subject in order to get an IST Minor, or select any subject from the 2nd or 3rd study cycles of IST offered on the corresponding term.
List of available minors at IST
 MEE Crosscutting Skills I and II (MEE Soft Skills I and II)
These two subjects, with 3 ECTS each, can be replaced by any subject, with 6 ECTS, from the 2nd or 3rd cycle of IST.
All subjects on the MEE course have 6 ECTS, with the following exception: MEE Crosscutting Skills I and II, Extracurricular Activities I and II that have 3 ECTS, and Master Dissertation in Electronic Engineering that have 30 ECTS.