Dissertation in Electronics Engineering

Public Sessions



November 14th, 2018, Taguspark, room 1.38


11:00       WiseImplant

Student: Guilherme Nogueira

Supervisors: José Gerald and Gonçalo Tavares

Examination Committee: Pedro Ramos, José Gerald and Jorge Fernandes


14:00     Energy Conditioning for Implantable Medical Devices: A Multiple Input Security System

Student: Ana Borges

Supervisors: José Gerald

Examination Committee: Pedro Ramos, José Gerald and Beatriz Borges


November 15th, 2018, Taguspark, room 1.38


10:00     Dimensionamento e construção de protótipo de conversor eletrónico de potência para aplicação em sistemas fotovoltaicos

Student: Rodrigo Nunes

Supervisors: Sónia Pinto

Examination Committee: Pedro Ramos, Sónia Pinto and Miguel Chaves

11:30     Satellite Electrical Power System

Student: Nuno Ramos

Supervisors: Beatriz Borges and Moisés Piedade

Examination Committee: Pedro Ramos, Beatriz Borges and Marcelino Santos


November 16th, 2018, Taguspark, room 1.38


11:30     Planar Antennas for CubeSat Missions

Student: Tomás Almeida

Supervisors: Carlos Fernandes and Jorge Costa

Examination Committee: Pedro Ramos, Carlos Fernandes and Marco Ribeiro

November 19th, 2018, Taguspark, room 2.10


10:00     Autonomous Driving of Competition Robot: Localization and Environment Perception

Student: Rúben Capitão

Supervisors: Pedro Lima

Examination Committee: Pedro Ramos, Pedro Lima and Carlos Cardeira

November 20th, 2018, Taguspark, room 1.38


17:30     Develop, implement and characterize an electric energy monitoring device

Student: Bernardo Matos

Supervisors: Pedro Ramos

Examination Committee: Pedro Girão, Pedro Ramos and Fernando Silva