The information included in this page refers to the 2017/2018 year.

For 2018/2019 some changes have been made.

The MEE course has a duration of 4 semesters. It includes mandatory classes, optional classes, soft-skills classes and the dissertation which includes a one semester class worth 12 ECTS and the Dissertation itself worth 30 ECTS.

1st Year
1st Semester2nd Semester
Embedded Systems

Microelectronics for Telecomunications

Personal Skills II (3 ECTS)

Management Option

Optional Class (1S)
High Frequency Electronic Power Converters

Digital Signal Processing Systems

Smart Sensors and Actuators

Optional Class (2S)
2nd Year
1st Semester2nd Semester
Personal Skills III (3 ECTS)

Optional Class (1S)

Optional Class (1S)

Design in Electronics Engineering (12 ECTS)
Dissertation (30 ECTS)

Optional Class (1S)
Electronic Systems of ComputersOffered in 2017/2018
Electronic Integrated SystemsOffered in 2018/2019
Applied OptoelectronicsOffered in 2018/2019
Microwave ElectronicsOffered in 2017/2018
Automated Measurement SystemsNot Offered
Mobile Communications NetworksAlways Offered
Network ArchitecturesAlways Offered
Foundations of Information SystemsAlways Offered

Optional Class (2S)
Design Test and Reliability of Electronic SystemsOffered in 2017/2018
Wireless Sensor NetworksAlways Offered
Optical NetworksAlways Offered

Management Option
Technology Based Entrepreneurship (1S)
Engineering Economics (1S)
Macroeconomics (1S)
Strategic Management (2S)