Rehabilitation as a sustainability tool. Rua Eça de Queiroz 21-25, Lisboa EVALUATED

The building is addapted to ensure the best working environment for the workers off DNS.PT. It is a company which promote the use of the internet at a national level, providing a service recognised as a reference and excellence to the community, counterparts and partners. This Association is committed to maintaining the standards of quality, reliability and security that the registration of .pt domain names has been securing these 25 years of existence The idea for the program is to create a flexible working space, from moving walls to stair that exist in the building since its very beginning. The shape of the building is devided for two styles. One represents the new construticion and shape, the other one matain the original part and refer to the existing front facade.
Reabilitação, Rua Eca de Queiroz 21-35

Setembro 25, 2019, 11:0

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Miguel José Das Neves Pires Amado

Departamento de Engenharia Civil, Arquitectura e Georrecursos (DECivil)

Professor Associado