Suggestions of dissertation topics by faculty members of the Department of Mathematics of IST

  • Analysis and Numerical Approximaton of Neural Field Equations - Pedro Lima
  • Harmonic Analysis Methods in the Study of Well-Posedness and Qualitative Properties of Solutions to Nonlinear Dispersive Partial Differential Equations - Jorge Silva
  • Resurgence and Transseries in Topological and Minimal Strings - Ricardo Schiappa
  • Instantons and Nonperturbative Effects in Random Matrices - Ricardo Schiappa
  • Mathematical modelling of vulnerable plaque formation - Adélia Sequeira
  • Riemann-Hilbert Problems in Operator Theory and Mathematical Physics - Cristina Câmara
  • JB*-triples and Tits-Kantor-Koecher Lie algebras - Lina Olveira
  • Analysis of the Einstein Equations and the Geometry of Spacetime - Filipe Mena