2017 Master and PhD in Petroleum Engineering Annual Meeting

16 Maio 2017, 11:32 Elisa do Nascimento Pires Costa

PhD Thesis - 3D Stochastic Seismic Inversion for Spatially Non-Stationay Environments in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

10 Maio 2017, 10:10 Elisa do Nascimento Pires Costa

Today, May 10th, at 14h30 at Room 4.41, Civil Engineering Building, IST – Alameda Campus.

Candidate: Hamid Sabeti 

Supervisor: Amilcar Soares 

Co-Supevisor: Ali Moradzadeh

Annual Meeting

21 Abril 2017, 11:40 Elisa do Nascimento Pires Costa


Rede Mar Conference - Ocean Engineering and Development of Marine Economy

31 Janeiro 2017, 14:03 Elisa do Nascimento Pires Costa

3rd Annual Meeting of Petroleum Engineering

1 Junho 2016, 13:44 Elisa do Nascimento Pires Costa

The 3rd Annual Meeting of Petroleum Engineering took place on the 3rd of May 2016, in IST. In this event master students and PhD students presented their thesis works to an audience composed by of students, researchers and experts of around 60 people. The event had the presence and participation of several experts from national and international companies, namely: Galp, Partex Oil&Gas , TOTAL, Subsea7, Beicip-Franlab, ENI, ENMC, Geolog and PetroGuin.

Topics discussed  included Multi-scale geostatistical history matching, Genetic programming for reservoir modeling and characterization, Simulations of chemical core flooding, Earth models for early exploration stages, Optimization of a Simultaneous Water alternating Gas injection Scheme, Numerical simulation of the wax deposition in pipelines and wells, Integration of uncertain well data for seismic reservoir characterization, Accounting for rock physics models in stochastic seismic inversion  and Integration of seismic interpretation in to geostatistical acoustic impedance, all these subjects had special attention of the experts present leading to interactive presentations . 

Link for the presentations: