Disciplina Curricular

Gestão de Sistemas de Fabrico GSF

Diploma de Estudos Avançados em Engenharia Mecânica - DEAEMec2006


Grupo: DEAEMec2006 > 3º Ciclo



6.0 (para cálculo da média)


This course is aimed to engage doctoral students in complex industrial issues, through the analysis of challenges and opportunities for industrial R&D. Students are expected to develop a research residence in close industrial cooperation. The residence should be planned to facilitate and promote the student´s PhD work leading to his/her thesis. This will consider, among other potential issues, understanding the industrial dynamics in which his/her research is integrated, collecting qualitative and/or quantitative field data, identifying and understanding relevant engineering requirements, testing and validating results or solutions.


To be defined

Metodologia de avaliação

Student assessment (individual) is based on the presentation and discussion of a research paper, which should be developed in a topic related with the research work developed by each student. It is suggested that research papers consider the problem/objective of the internship, the state of the art, the methodology used to address it and the results. It is expected that the paper integrates the work to be developed in courses 1 and 2 (i.e., Lab Rot. and Ind. Res.) and in the Research Seminar.

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