The Computer Science and Engineering Department is committed to conducting top research and to compete with leading schools worldwide. Técnico (ULisboa) is ranked among the top-20 Engineering schools in Europe, and, in the specific field of Computer Science, among the top-25 in Europe, in terms of publications at the most selective venues.

Our faculty and doctoral students regularly publish in the top conferences of their respective fields, such as CHI, AAAI, IJCAI, ACL, WWW, ASPLOS, OSDI, VLDB, PLDI, or ICSE.

The areas of expertise covered by the department span a diverse range of topics such as Machine Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Computational Biology, Intelligent Systems, Language Technologies, Computer Systems and Networking, Security and Privacy, Robotics, Information Systems and Data Management, or Software Engineering.  

A complete list of our faculty, with links to their webpages can be found here.