Module listing and schedule

Each "Advanced Topics" course is comprised of two modules chosen from the list below. When students register for a course named "Advanced Topics on X" (where X is the name of the area), then they must choose the two modules they want to attend and inform the responsible instructor of their choice.

 Advanced Topics Courses Module NameInstructors Semester
Programming Methodology and TechnologyHigh Performance ComputingJosé Carlos Monteiro Fall (*)
Programming Methodology and TechnologyAdvanced Topics in Software EngineeringRui Maranhão, António Rito da Silva Fall
Information SystemsBusiness Information Systems José Borbinha, Pedro Sousa, Alberto Silva,
André Vasconcelos, Miguel Mira da Silva, Sérgio Guerreiro
Information SystemsInformation Systems TechnologyPável Calado, Paulo Carreira, Sérgio Guerreiro Spring
Information SystemsBusiness Processes Management Diogo Ferreira, Alberto Sardinha, Sérgio Guerreiro,
Alexandre Francisco, Rui Maranhão, António Rito da Silva 
Computer Graphics and MultimediaVirtual, Augmented and Mixed RealityJoaquim Jorge, João Madeiras Pereira, Alfredo Ferreira Jr Spring
Computer Graphics and MultimediaAdvanced Topics on Human Computer InteractionNuno Nunes Fall
Computer Graphics and MultimediaAdvanced Topics on Entertainment Systems Rui Prada, Carlos Martinho Spring
Computer Graphics and Multimedia Advanced Topics on Realistic Image Synthesis João Madeiras Pereira Spring
Architecture and Operating Systems Operating Systems, Virtualization and Cloud ComputingJoão Barreto, João Garcia, Luís Veiga Fall
Architecture and Operating Systems Advanced Mobile and Ubiquitous ComputingPaulo Ferreira Spring (*)
Architecture and Operating Systems Advanced Topics in CybersecurityMiguel Correia Spring
Architecture and Operating Systems Advanced Topics in Parallel and Distributed SystemsPaolo Romano  Spring
Artificial Intelligence Symbolic and Subsymbolic LearningAndreas Wichert Spring
Artificial IntelligenceSemantic WebHelena Sofia Pinto Spring
Artificial intelligenceAffective ComputingJoão Dias, Ana Paiva Spring
Artificial IntelligenceReinforcement LearningFrancisco Melo, Manuel Lopes  Fall
Artificial IntelligenceBoolean Constraints and Optimization Inês Lynce, Vasco Manquinho Fall

(*) Not offered during the 2017/2018 academic year