O programa já graduou muitos profissionais que produziram outras tantas teses. Alguns exemplos são:

Interplay between Probabilistic and Temporal Reasoning: Applications to the Analysis and Synthesis of Complex Systems
Manuel Biscaia Martins
Julho 2015

Formal Reasoning About Temporal Properties in Dynamic Stochastic Systems: Exact and Approximate Procedures with Applications
David João Barros Henriques
Outubro 2015

Quantum Oblivious Transfer 
João Paulo do Amaral de Jesus Rodrigues
Dezembro 2015

Quantum measures, noise and measurement errors in a quantum bit commitment protocol
Ricardo Loura
Fevereiro 2016

A probabilistic logic over equations and domain restrictions
Andreia Filipa Torcato Mordido

Leveraging Machine Learning Strategies for Network Intrusion Detection
Arnaldo Gouveia
Fevereiro 2021