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Diploma de Estudos Avançados em Líderes para Indústrias Tecnológicas - DEALIT2007


Grupo: DEALIT2007 > 3º Ciclo



6.0 (para cálculo da média)


This course is aimed to introduce new doctoral students to research practice, with emphasis on engineering systems and policy research. It is a required subject for all entering PhD students. The ultimate goal is to guarantee students engage in research activities, select a supervisor(s) and initiate in reporting/communicating research results, through complementary aspects of modern research training: • autonomy, including fostering student capacity to identify research theme(s) and supervisor(s); • collaboration, including the open discussion of research methods and themes, as well as collaborating with supervisor(s) and other researchers/colleagues to help formulating research issues; • complexity, including guidance towards the formulation of a research program, mainly to deal with complex and non-structured problems, where the interaction among technology, humans and institutions is of central importance; • outcome, including the preparation towards publishing in technical journals; Requirements: The course has been designed to facilitate the introduction of “doctoral qualification” practices at a doctorate level (i.e., “qualifiers”) and requires the successful preparation, presentation and discussion of a research paper, which is the basis for the course evaluation. It is expected that this paper integrates the work to be developed in courses 1 and 2 (i.e., Lab Rotation and Industry Residence). Considers compulsory participation in the “Additive Manufacturing Lisbon design challenge 2015”. Course Overview: The Doctoral Seminar is focused on identifying, formulating and solving a specific research topic, leading to a research publication. It is based on the preparation, writing and discussion of an independent research paper, researched, written and discussed over the duration of the 1st doctoral semester, including several oral presentations. The research is often conducted as part of a multi-faculty and multi-student team and the paper will become the first of the publications that will eventually make up the student thesis.



Metodologia de avaliação

Student evaluation (individual) will be focused on the preparation and discussion of a research paper (integrating the work to be developed in courses 1 and 2, Lab Rotation and Industry Residence), together with the analysis of the level of participation in the “Additive Manufacturing Lisbon design challenge 2015”.

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