Disciplina Curricular

Liderança L

Diploma de Estudos Avançados em Líderes para Indústrias Tecnológicas - DEALIT2007


Grupo: DEALIT2007 > 3º Ciclo



6.0 (para cálculo da média)


The course considers the realization of a “hands-on” entrepreneurial project to be developed by groups of students. Each group of students must engage into a technology-based entrepreneurial initiative and develop leadership skills. The ultimate goal is to facilitate an entrepreneurial experience to all students, so that they may identify, observe, and effectively participate in all phases of firm creation, development, growth and exit. It involves writing-up a report and a research brief. It should be developed under the context of “hands-on entrepreneurship initiatives” at an international level.


This course is part of the “Technological Change and Innovation Initiative - i2”, to be established in close international cooperation under the MIT Portugal Program and in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Society. It aims to develop a research and learning platform/network to foster technological and industrial innovation. The ultimate goal is to assist students in the development of entrepreneurial skills and to promote capabilities for technological change and industrial innovation in Portugal. An “Industrial Innovation Laboratory - i2Lab” will be established in the form of a network of academic groups, technology centers and small, medium and large firms involved in technological innovation across various emerging areas.

Metodologia de avaliação

Student evaluation (Group) will be based on the preparation, presentation and discussion of a report and a research brief. Assessment should have as reference “entrepreneurship initiatives” at an international level, with a special emphasis on “hands-on” initiatives.

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