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Particle and Nuclear Physics (PNP) is a hot area of science research at IST physics department. Research and PhD programs/projects are done in collaboration with prominent international institutes, such as: CERN, the Pierre Auger Observatory, Jefferson Lab, important universities of the peninsula, Valencia/Barcelona/Madrid, and other big universities of Europe/USA/Japan/India.

Researchers/professors working in PNP also include many people from other nationalities. All researchers belong to one of the Research Units, centers and labs receiving funding support, for e.g. PhD grants, from FCT - Ministry of Science and the EU.

The scientific works are published in international renown journals, such as: Physics Letters, Physical Review, JHEP etc.

Students are encouraged to do their post-graduate studies in Particle and Nuclear Physics either at the level of a Master of Science (2nd Bologna cycle), or a Ph.D. (3rd Bolongna cycle). The usual way to initiate a study is to make first contact (please feel free!!) directly with one of our reseachers/professors. E.g. the Master's degree (2nd Bologna cycle) MEFT program provides, as an example, some concrete thesis themes in this area, along with diverse grants. Additional info also at the IST site.

Area CoordinatorProfessor Jorge Crispim Romão.


Course on Physics at the LHC

15 Fevereiro 2017, 23:51 - Pedro Assis

A course, organized by LIP, will be taking place and focus on the physics that can be exploited at the Large Hadron Collider (in the framework of IDPASC).

The objective of the course is to introduce the physics, analysis methods and results on the physics areas covered by the LHC experiments. Emphasis is placed on the search for new physics, in particular phenomena at the basis of the electroweak symmetry breaking. Benchmark channels in proton-proton collisions will be discussed in detail, covering the identification of the objects involved, the signal and background properties, the background estimation and the S/B discriminants, the evaluation of systematical errors, and the extraction and interpretation of the final results. Name of the course: Course on Physics at the LHC

Place and dates: Lisboa, March - May 2017 
LIP - Lisboa - Portugal 

 More information about this course and registration site can be found in: 

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2nd Lisbon Mini School

5 Janeiro 2017, 15:20 - Pedro Assis


The Lisbon mini-school on Particle and Astroparticle Physics provides under-graduated students with a comprehensive introduction to the field, covering both theoretical and experimental aspects.
This school will give insigth to recent discoveries and to open challenges and will stress the research opportunities in the field in Portugal.

The school is mainly aimed to third year under-graduated students who have completed the course in Quantum Mechanics I.

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