SEICHE (Excellence Research Line)

SEICHE - SEIsmicity of plate interiors: Challenges for Hazard Evaluation

The Seismology laboratory of IST was awarded an FCT research grant of the new typology "excellence research line / linha de investigação de excelência". The research line SEICHE (SEIsmicity of plate interiors: Challenges to Hazard Evaluation, PI João Fonseca) will address the problem of hazard assessment in the interior of the plates. Although a large percentage of the seismic activity takes place near the borders of the tectonic plates, the small contribution of the plate interiors is very relevant to seismic risk because it often affects highly developed anf densely populated areas. SW Iberia will be used as a target area to improve the understanding of the seismogenic processes associated with the deformation of the plate interiors, which show significant differences from the plate boundary counterpart. Several team members are former LEFT students, holding PhD's in the field of seismology: Susana Vilanova, Sandra Heleno, Susana Custódio. The team is complemented with active tectonics specialists: Glenda Ostman, PhD and Carolina Canora-Catalan, PhD.