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Astrophysics and Gravitation is one of the research areas in the Department of Physics at the IST.

Master and PhD Students, having their  Dissertations theses in this area of research  and working under supervision of staff members, are usually involved in international scientific projects.  

Fellowships are often available for the most successful students.  Please contact staff members. 

Coordinator: Professor José Sande Lemos, Professor Catedrático (Full Professor) and President of CENTRA.



Curricular plan for the 2 Cycle Engineering Physics - specialization in Astrophysics and Gravitation

26 Janeiro 2012, 19:28 - Ana Maria Cidade Mourão

A specialization is astrophysics and gravitation requires the student to attend a total of 120 ECTS, 30 ECTS per Semester. The courses are of different types, namely:  

  1. courses common to all MEFT students 
  2. courses that are common to the Physics branch within MEFT
  3. courses optinal in the branch
  4. courses related with and leading to the thesis

Tuition of the courses is in english, whenever there is at least one foreign student.

4th year integrated master (1st year of 2nd cycle)
1st Semester: coursesECTStype2nd Semester: Courses ECTS type
Relativity and cosmology 62 Astrophysics 62
Particle physics   61 Nuclear Physics 61
Complements of quantum mechanics62 Topics in general relativity and cosmology 63
Condensed matter physics 62 Quantum optics and lasers 61
Plasma physics and technology61 Science and technology managment 61
     Field theory 6 3
5th year integrated master (2nd year of 2nd cycle)
1st Semester: coursesECTS type2nd Semester: courses ECTS type
Astrophysics Laboratory63Master Thesis304
Topics in particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology63   
Optional 63   
Project MEFT (6 ECTS)64   
Introduction to Research64   


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Astrophysics and gravitation in the second cycle within  MEFT

21 Junho 2012, 21:00 - Ana Maria Cidade Mourão

Staff members can answer to any of your questions. 

In case you are at a Portuguese University you might be interested in the  Almeida Garrett program. 



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